We are a proud partner of Nuix.

Nuix creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the truth from any data in a digital world. We are a passionate and talented team, delighting our customers with software that transforms data into actionable intelligence and helps them overcome the challenges of litigation, investigation, risk, compliance, and security.
MWL becomes Nuix partner

MWL is a proud sponsor of DAMA

We are a local KC company with offices in Overland Park, Kansas. MWL is dedicated to assist all DAMA members with reaching their technology goals. We are also proud to have our VP of Customer Success, Mike Mahoney, as a board member of KCDAMA. Mike is the VP of Member Socials and can be reached at Mike@midwestlogic.com or Membersocials@kcdama.com.

Business consulting

From assessments and recommendations, to managing projects to completion. Our team of dedicated consultants serve as both a partner and advocate of your business while helping you evaluate, design and implement technology strategies that best align with your business needs and goals.

  • Process Analysis
  • Security Assessment
  • Migration Strategy
  • Network Analysis
  • Product Evaluation
  • Documentation

Software development

Great Software isn’t just about powerful technology. It’s about providing people the right tools to do great things. We partner with you to help ensure the right tools and solutions are in the hands of your business leaders, employees, and customers.

  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Private & Public Cloud Solutions
  • Systems Automation
  • UI/UX Design
  • In-app Extensions

System architecture

There is greatness to be discovered within the depths of data. Yet, many systems weren’t designed to communicate with one another. We seek to transform technology ecosystems from collections of working parts into cohesive engines of insight. Ensuring your data is accessible, understandable and actionable.

  • Solutions Planning
  • Data Architecture
  • Domain Modeling
  • Micro Services
  • Document Management

Our team, at your service.

Here at Midwest Logic, we’re dreamers, inventors, and enhancers. We’re a dynamic Kansas City team that uses our thoughtful approach to help our clients reach their goals: short-term, long-term, and soon-to-be-defined.

Core technologies

  • Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • JavaScript including custom frameworks and third-party frameworks.
  • .Net
  • Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, Java

Industries served

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Consumer & B2B Goods & Services
  • Legal
  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • Auto/Industrial